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Top 5 Real Ways to Make Money from Home Online

real ways to make money from home

In this blog post, I’ll teach you my top 5 real ways to make money from home online without breaking a sweat. These are legitimate online business opportunities which any aspiring entrepreneur, webmaster, blogger, freelance writer or worker or even a rank beginner to internet business can start with and succeed. In case you’re not sure, building wealth from the web is possible and doable if you are not lazy. All what you require to earn money online is persistence and not perfection.

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With that said, let’s look at the top five real ways to make money from home online.

Number 1: Affiliate Marketing Business

This is one of the best ways to make money online as a beginner or newbie. Affiliate marketing is simply promoting merchants’ products and services on their behalf and earning affiliate commissions every time you have successfully closed a sale.

There are different models and ways to make money with affiliate marketing. You can earn through CPA marketing. CPA stands for cost per action. This is the easiest form of affiliate marketing because the information required from potential visitors who you will refer to the merchant’s site is usually not more than their name, email address, phone number, zip code and delivery address for any sample product or service.

The most common form of affiliate marketing business is when the merchant pays digital marketer or publisher fixed dollar amount or percentage of the selling price of the vendor’s product or service when a sale is tracked through his affiliate link. In case you have not done so before, you can download my free affiliate marketing guide from this link to get yourself acquainted with the basics and steps of making money online with this model.

There are affiliate marketing secrets you cannot afford to ignore and push aside. First, you need to start a blog and regularly publish quality content on it which will constantly attract targeted website visitors from search engines on a daily basis. From there, you can monetize your blog and content with related affiliate products and services links that are useful and helpful to your readers and subscribers.

However, for you to have high success rate promoting affiliate products, you must have used the product yourself before recommending it to your blog readers and website visitors. This is the easiest way your target audience can believe in your product recommendations and then take action.

In the event you’ve not personally used the product, at worst, you have to know the affiliate product from other users’ experiences. For instance, you can watch a video of someone who had personal experience with the product or service and it should be from a trusted source as well.

For you to effectively promote affiliate product and make money from home online, you can start product review website, build niche site or create authority blog site. You can set up autoresponder software on any of these websites to help you build an email list of subscribers from scratch. You should see email marketing as an integral part of your internet business if you want to increase your affiliate income on a monthly basis.

Number 2: Write and Sell Ebooks Online

If you want to make passive income online, you’ll do yourself a world of good and learn how to write and sell ebooks. You can sell electronic books from your own website or third party sites like the Amazon Kindle publishing platform.

Ebook publishing is one of the most lucrative online business opportunities you can start today if you have internet research skills and/or know something about a topic which others may want to learn from you. Personally, writing ebooks for money is my forte and I’ve been making passive income online from it for some years back.

Writing an ebook is easy if you can follow standard writing process to a Tee. You can download my ebook publishing guide from this link to learn how to write and sell ebooks on the internet from your own web site or any other ebook publishing platform available to you.

To be very conservative with figures, you can make between $30 and $50 per day from selling ebooks online. You can take a cursory look at the screenshot below and know that it is quite possible to make money writing ebooks.

You’ll make more money if you are able to create additional digital products such as audio and videos to complement the electronic book you’ve written as a bundle.

Number 3: Domain Name Investing     

Domain investing simply means buying and selling domain names on the internet at arm’s length transaction. It is otherwise known as virtual real estate investing because it is similar in many aspects to brick-and-mortar real estate business.

The question now is, “What is a domain name?” It is a word, words, characters, numbers or a combination of these followed by top level domain (TLD) or extension which resolves or redirects to a website when you type it on your internet browser or simply follow a link.

For example, is a domain name that was registered with the .com extension. As a domain investor, one can understand that the target keyword in the above name is “business.” The buyer of this domain name can create a blog or build a website on it and publish content such as how to start an online business, how to write a business plan, real ways to make money online, and so on.

Now, if you register a domain name for $10 or so and you’re able to find a willing and able buyer who is also interested in getting it from you to resell for profit or use for business, you can reasonably sell it for $100 and above. Domain name investing is an online business opportunity you can start with just $10 and make profits in a matter of days if you buy a good domain.

You can download my free ebook on how to make money with domain names from this link. It walks you through the basic steps on how to buy and sell domain names online.

Number 4: Provide Freelance Business Services    

Depending on your digital skills or talents, freelance services are a dime a dozen on the internet. On the World Wide Web, webmasters and online business owners are regularly searching for freelance workers to hire for various jobs including SEO content writing, website design, graphic design, virtual assistance, and so forth.

If you are an expert in any field or you have specific digital skills which people are willing to hire and pay you for, there is a business for you to start via freelancing. You may not necessarily bother yourself to create a blog to get started if your freelance services are in high demand. You will simply go to websites like to sign up and list your competencies for hire.

As a freelance writer myself, I’ve made quick cash offering freelance business services in the areas of digital content writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, and doing everything in between. While you are using your talent or skill to earn money online, it is not as passive as anyone will desire.

The biggest challenge in freelancing is getting your first client in a World Wide Web of cutthroat competition. You’ve to be unique, creative and aggressive in your digital marketing campaigns to be able to break the ice and get first and second clients going forward.

Number 5: Make Money with Google Adsense

Do you know you can make money with Google Adsense by building content websites in high paying niche markets? Although you cannot easily make $100 per day with Google Adsense just from one website but ranking for high cost per click keywords will go a long way to achieve your income goal.

Contextual advertising is good for beginners to get started by researching profitable long tail keyword phrases in high paying markets like insurance, loans, finance, technology, startups, credit card debt, to mention a few.

You’ve to write SEO articles of high quality spiced with LSI keywords. Because you are going to depend on search engines’ traffic to generate clicks, you’ve to learn how to rank web pages targeting specific keywords on positions 1-3 on the first page of,, etc.

Do you know you can quit your day job in a matter of months with the above top 5 real ways to make money from home online? In our digital marketing training, we also teach you affiliate marketing business and domain name investing to take you to the next level.

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